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1400 m2 HAKITEC roof in Surrey, England

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The Clock Building in Ås, Norway

An unusual challenge which will soon be completed.

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Unique weather protection system in Visby, Sweden

HAKI’s designers have produced new, effective, safe solutions to bridge an unusually wide span.

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Special bridge constructed for Crick Boat Show in the UK

A bridge is constructed every year for the show, enabling thousands of visitors to cross the Grand Union Canal safely from Crick village. This year, for the first time, show contractors Cape Plc will be assembling the bridge using the revolutionary Swedish HAKI scaffolding system.

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Bristol City FC Ashton Gate Stadium

The slip resistant treads and 1.6m wide stairs provided safe access to the stands for the fans attending matches at the stadium including the sell-out FA Cup match against West Ham.

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HAKI Public Access Stair takes tourists up to the Tower of London

The Tower of London receives over 3 million visitors each year and is the eighth most popular attraction in London. Whilst renovation works take place, it is important the Scheduled Ancient Monument remains open to the public. The HAKI Public Access Stair delivered a safe and strong alternative access way to the White Tower for up to 100 visitors at a time, allowing works to replace the entrance steps to take place.

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